Complex Medi D (stainless / isolation / stainless)

Exhaust system: 
  • The double-wall (isolated) metal-sealing Complex Medi D stainless steel system consists of pipes, components and accessories.
  • Made of stainless steel MATT with 0,6mm wall thickness, inner shell mat-no. 1.4404, 1.4571, outer shell mat-no. 1.4301.
  • The Complex Medi D system is available with 0,6mm wall thickness (inner and outer shell), with thermal isolation of 30mm in the Ø130-300mm, and with thermal isolation of 50mm in the Ø350-500m.
  • Suitable for connecting boilers which are operated by oil, gas or solid fuels.
  • System designed for subpressure (natural draft) or overpressure operation, max. continuous temperature 600°C.
  • Metallic sealing plug-in system, connections between two elements are established by a locking band.
  • The Complex Medi D exhaust systems can be built inside or outside of buildings.
  • Features according to EN 1856-1