Where to find us

Dany Burge

Almeva AG
Industriestrasse 6
CH-9220 Bischofszell
Tel.: +41 71 644 90 20
Fax: +41 71 644 90 29
email: Info Almeva



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Dany Burge

Dany Bürge
Mobile 079 777 66 88
Regional sales manager:
German-speaking Switzerland
email: Dany Buerge


Beat AegeterBeat Aegerter
Mobile 079 254 78 05
Regional sales manager:
French-speaking Switzerland
Technical consultant
Specialist in stainless steel systems
                       email: Beat Aegerter


Office staff

Juerg Braun

Jürg Braun
Managing Director
email: Juerg Braun



Karin CandioKarin Candio
Office administration
email: Karin Candio



Marco ThomaMarco Thoma
Debtors administration
email: Marco Thoma



Luigi Sbano

Luigi Sbano
Management back office
email: Luigi Sbano



Dustin KoniecznyDustin Konieczny 
Consulting stainless steel systems
email: Dustin Konieczny



Domencio PalmaDomenico Palma 
Management warehouse and shipping
email: Domenico Palma